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Here are a list of different websites that are relevant to my work and may be of use to you.
Lave Radio

The Elite Dangerous Podcast.

The British Fantasy Society

Website for the UK's largest organisation dedicated to supporting Fantasy writers.

National Association of Writers in Education

Website for Higher Education lecurers in English and Creative Writing. I am a member, and peer reviewer for their journal, Writing in Practice..

Coventry University

The University Website.

HWS Events

The website for the Events organisation I help run. We run the conventins, Lavecon and Fantasycon.

The British Science Fiction Association

Website for the BSFA.

The Radio Theatre Workshop

Website for the excellent audio production company behind Escape Velocity and Chaos Reborn - A Unicorn Murder.

Newcon Press

Independent Science Fiction Publishing company run by author and editor, Ian Whates.


Science Fiction and Fantasy book review website.


A writing community website for people of all ages and abilities. 

Chaos Reborn

Website for Snapshot Games and Julian Gollop's, latest creation. A turn based wizard battle, drawing inspiration from the original Chaos and Lords of Chaos. 

Ehlers Danlos UK

Website for the chairty I support with my books. Ten percent of all proceeds of my work go here.

Phoenix Point
The new post apocalyptic turn based game from Julian Gollop.

Make Believe Games

Mark Rein-Hagen's roleplaying games company. Working on I am Zombie, Democracy and Xenofactor. 

Elite: Dangerous

The Space Trading and Combat MMO game website.

Science and Science Fiction reviews website.


Writing peer review website. Where new authors exchange reviews and rate each other's work.

Snapshot Games

Company websit for the creators of Chaos Reborn and Phoenix Point.

Bucks BA (Hons) Creative Writing for Publication

Course page for the degree programme.

The Science Fiction Foundation

Academic Journal on Science Fiction studies. They run an excellent annual masterclass in the Royal Observatory in Greenwich.


Online critic and editing tool. Useful for all writers when looking at their drafts.

Nine Worlds

Annual convention of all things Geek. 

Gavin G. Smith

Writing website of fellow author, Gavin Smith.

Writer's Reign

Writing advice website, including a well maintained competition list.

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