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I've written for a variety of different projects. My short stories have featured in a variety of anthologies. Others are part of the Phoenix Point Project -

You can also find my Elite Dangerous Short Stories here -​
Below you can find links to buy the books I've written. 


By Allen Stroud

"Resilient is one of those incredibly rare things – a sequel that actually improves on its predecessor. Stroud presents us with a complex, multifaceted science-fiction experience that offers a deeply compelling narrative, interlaced with rich and complex world-building and three-dimensional characters." — The Sci-Fi & Fantasy Reviewer

The second book in the Fractal Series. The sequel to Fearless. Resilient came out in 2022.

Click here to find the listing on the Flame Tree Press website. 


By Allen Stroud

“Fast-paced, gripping hard SF with death in hard vacuum waiting at every turn.” — Arthur C. Clarke Award winner Adrian Tchaikovsky

AD 2118. Humanity has colonised the Moon, Mars, Ceres and Europa. Captain Ellisa Shann commands Khidr, a search and rescue ship with a crew of twenty-five, tasked to assist the vast commercial freighters that supply the different solar system colonies.

Shann has no legs and has taken to life in zero-g partly as a result. She is a talented tactician who has a tendency to take too much on her own shoulders. Now, while on a regular six-month patrol through the solar system, Khidr picks up a distress call from the freighter Hercules

Other Works

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