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 I have worked as a process adviser and concept writer, allowing creative teams to shape their ideas. I am currently working on several creative game and fiction projects. I think this is important to inform my critical thinking.

I began my Ph. D. with a critical reflection on my work on Elite: Dangerous, the computer game produced by Frontier Developments and have continued it by working on Chaos Reborn from Snapshot Games, with a planned trilogy of Historical Fantasy novels and The Loremaster's Guide, a full colour book that introduces the world of Chaos Reborn.

Elite: Dangerous

My work on Elite Dangerous started with researching all of the previous Elite and Frontier games, compiling an historical account of the fiction, from present day, to 3300 AD. The beginning of the new game.

Later, I worked on drafting six guidebooks, used by all the official fiction writersto inform their novels and short stories. These were the Federation, The Empire, The Alliance, The Corporates, Covert Operations and The Old Worlds. The drafts were submitted to Frontier CEO David Braben and Elite Dangerous Executive producer Michael Brookes. I then moved on to write Elite: Lave Revolution.

An account of this work appears on my blog, in Foundation issue 120 and is part of my Ph. D. submission.

Phoenix Point

Phoenix Point is a new game from Julian Gollop and Snapshot, due for release in 2018. Its is the middle of the 21st century and the world ins on the brink of collapse, with Aliens coming out of the sea to attack, infect and wipe out humanity.

Myself and fellow academic, Kolin Ford are designing story and background for the game and working closely with Snapshot, will be creating story contentthat will introduce players to the Phoenix Point world before the game is released.

Make Believe Games

This Summer, I have begun working on a new roleplaying game project with legendary game designer Mark Rein-Hagen, creator of Vampire: The Masquerade, Werewolf: The Apocalypse and Mage: The Ascension.


I am currently reading the initial design documents for the new game and am looking to contribute with story ideas and clarity of the concept.

Away Team

Away Team is a Science Fiction boardgame created by myself and fellow Lave Radio host, John Stabler for 3-6 players. The Alpha test box premiered at Lavecon 2015 and was also tested at Lavecon 2016. In the next few weeks, the box will begin its tour around the country for signed up gamers to play and provide feedback on.

If you would like to join the Alpha Mission tour, you can joing the Facebook group.

Once we have tested the game, we will then move to a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign.

Chaos Reborn

I began working with Snapshot Games and Julian Gollop in March 2014 after their successful Kickstarter campaign to create a sequel to Julian's original game Chaos and its successor, Lords of Chaos.

My work involved collating all of the previously published background material from the two older games and re-writing this into a new Historical Fantasy that would give Chaos Reborn a clear identity of its own. Once this was complete and could be used to help design the game, I then produced The Loremaster's Guide for players electing to create their own realms in the Chaos Reborn Universe.

I am now working on a trilogy of novels telling the past story of Chaos Reborn.

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