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Here you will find a portfolio of my work in music, writing academic writing and more. Please take a browse and if there is anything you find interesting, don't hesitate to use the contact page to get in touch with me. 

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In July 2021, we've completed our AGM, the second time it's been run online. The minutes will be forthcoming to members soon on our website - http://www.bsfa.co.uk

Resilient Announced

Resilient cover 06 (002).jpg

Flame Tree Press have announced my new novel, Resilient to be published in 2022. This is the sequel to Fearless which was released in 2020. I wrote an article for The Ginger Nuts of Horror about the series here. and also spoke to Run Along The Shelves.



On September 8th 2020, my Science Fiction novel, Fearless is published by Flame Tree Press. I've written a blog article about it, which you can find here.


Fearless has done really well. Publisher's Weekly gave it a starred review and both AnalogSF and Amazing Stories Magazine gave it very positive reviews,


Fantasycon 2021


Fantasycon has been the annual convention of the British Fantasy Society for more than forty years. HWS Events will be running Fantasycon 2021. This will beat the Jurys Inn Hotel in Birmingham on 24-26th of September. More details are available here.

Worlds Apart from Luna Press

Glimpse Morsels.jpg

My research paper, Fragmented Worlds: Glimpse Morsels for the Imagination has been published in this new collection of research from Luna Press. Read about it here. 


Lave Revolution

Audio Drama


August 2018 sees the release of Lave Revolution as an Audio Drama. Adapted by Chris Jarvis and The Radio Theatre Workshop, the story is a five and a half hour listening feast!

Click on the image to go to the shop to purchase it. There's a free preview on the page too.


Lavecon 2021

The for the second year running, the annual Elite: Dangerous convention, Lavecon was held online and occurred on the 2-4 July. This year, owing to the global pandemic we had to deliver the convention online, through Zoom, but it was amazing to see everyone and we had some wonderful contributions from attendees.

Our booking for Lavecon 2022 at the Sedgebrook Hall Hotel is already confirmed. If you'd like to find out about Lavecon 2022, join our Facebook group or check out the HWS Events website.


Perihelion Preview

Listen to some of the tracks from my next Science Fiction music album, Perhelion below.. More previews available on Soundcloud.


The Last Tank Commander available in two anthologies

After The Last Tank Commander, was published in Crises and Conflicts, David Afshariad of Baen Books approached me and asked if he could include the story in The Year's Best Military and Adventure SF.

You can purchase either book by clicking on their images.


Forgotten Sidekicks Published by Grimbold Books


I have a short story in this lovely little anthology. Please do check it out. There's some great writers in here.


Phoenix Point


As part of my work on Phoenix Point, I've written a produced a collection of short stories. These stories appear on the Phoenix Point website and in a series of anthology ebooks that are available when you sign up to the newsletter

Phoenix Point was released for PC and XBox in December 2019. I've now moved on from the project. The anthology of stories written by Jonas Kyratzes, called The Briefing, was sent out to backers of the Fig crowdfunding campaign.


The Forever Man Published by Luna Press

My latest novel, The Forever Man, was launched on the 29th of September at Fantasycon 2017. It is now available in paperback and ebook from Luna Press. Click on the image to purchase it.


2001: An Odyssey in Words Published by Newcon Press


In 2018, in celebration of Arthur C. Clarke's 100th birthday, I was very fortunate to have a short story included in this wonderful anthology, featuring some of the biggest names in Science Fiction. 

Click on the image to purchase it.